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Rx Fire after Hack and Squirt


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Anyone ran a fire through their woods after doing H&S? Just curious what / if any issues they ran into. Getting ready to tackle some TSI, and kicking around the idea of H&S...but, I am planning to run a fire through there next winter / spring.
I haven't done specifically what you are asking, but if you are worried about the dead wood catching fire...I do have some thoughts on that. I have run fire through areas that I had previously done some hinge cutting and I didn't want to burn up all my hinges/dead trees/brush piles. So I went through first with a back pack blower and quick like a bunny created a mini-fire break around those areas.

It doesn't take much to clear the leave clutter from around something that you don't want to burn. Unless you are doing a gigantic area, I bet you could spot clear your areas that you wish to not burn in less than an hour. I also clear a little buffer around standing dead trees that I don't want to burn and even sometimes some live trees, should there be a concentration of leaves present.
I've got 2 areas on next years burn rotation that are wooded...a 30 and a 40 acre piece. I've done TSI on both, but just class felling. Planning to complete the TSI here soon, and just thinking of mixing up style using the H&S.
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