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Ryder’s First Deer


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After an unsuccessful 2022 season for my son he was more determined than ever he was going to get his first deer this year. We had put in the time behind the gun and he was dialed in with 3” groups at 50yds and he was excited to hunt over a plot that he helped me plant in late summer. Ryder mentioned to me he was going to shoot whatever deer that came out first and didn’t care if it was a buck or a doe. We had checked cams about 4 days ago and had been seeing deer every night on this plot so he was definitely pumped up

we climbed into the ground blind about 5:15 and settled in for the evening hunt. It was actually pretty warm and I knew it would be pretty late when the deer started coming out.

Finally about 30 minutes before last light a small buck stepped out and I could see the buck fever set in. I told him to take a couple deep breaths and just let the deer be comfortable in the field while he got comfortable. He beared down on the scope and the buck kept walking toward us. I walked him thru the process of not taking that shot and waiting for the deer to get broadside. The deer turned about 20yds out and gave him the opportunity, I said when you have it on his heart and are ready squeeze. BOOM! The buck dropped for a second then plowed his way across the plot. I didn’t hear a crash but knew the deer was in big trouble.

Ryder was pumped up and couldn’t believe he had shot his first deer. We gave some high 5s and hugs and talked about the shot. He wanted to go look instantly but I thought this was a perfect teaching moment. I told him he didn’t see the deer fall so we were going to wait 30 minutes then quietly sneak out and head to the truck. We took a drive and he said dad what are we doing. I told him if the deer is dead now he will be dead in an hour when we go back and look for blood. I told him a lot of people rush to find a deer and end up bumping them and the best thing you can do is give it some time.

Once we returned we picked up the blood trail and I let him lead the way tracking it. We had come to a spot where the deer could go a few different directions and were looking for the next blood spot when Ryder says “dad he is right here”. There laid his first deer and we began to celebrate, what a cool feeling!!! Ended up being a perfect shot and a pretty short track job. Definitely one of my favorite hints and I hope it will be for Ryder too!!



Congratulations to Ryder and yourself! Looks like a great shot and great memories were made and some fine educational opportunities.
Love the way you handled the recovery with him. Something he will remember in the future when going after a hit deer. Congrats to both of you. My kids aren’t quite to the age yet of getting them behind the gun but can’t wait until they are. Stories like this just get me more pumped to be able to do so.

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