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Safety harness for youth/4 year old


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My oldest is 4.5 years old and he thinks he wants to try and sit in a treestand with me. A ladder stand with a safeline will be what he's climbing but does anyone have suggestions on a safety harness for a 4 year old who weighs roughly 40 pounds?

Hunter Safety System Lil' TreeStalker Safety Harness for Kids - This one seems to be fairly popular but is rated 50-100lbs so I can't decide if I should have him try it or not.
Any feedback on it? Is your kid towards the lower end of the weight range? That is my only concern, my kid is about 10 lbs under the "suggested" weight range.
Mine's on order waiting to get here!

Yes; my kids will be between 50-60 lbs. So, I have no experience yet with it.
Where are you? I have a HSS youth harness that has only been used a few times. Cinched up pretty good for my boys when they were young
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