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score please

That buck is all of 175! Those beams are 24" long and he has 10-12 inch tines!

I would pass him though.... :moon:
He's easy high 70's. That deer is a stud, hell his shortest tine besides his 1's is his 4 on the left and that's still got to be 10".

What a stud!
Yeah.. Umm... For all you people saying this buck is 170s.. No... This buck is 150s

35" mass
48" of beams
15" spread
= 98" frame

10" 2's = 20"
11" 3's = 22"
10 and 9 " 4's = 19"
11" of brows
= 72" of tines

so that would add up to be 170" on the dot, and that's not adding the split on his right 2. And that is very conservative on the measurements.

150's ???? not sure what your looking at.
You're high if u think this deer is below 160, he has more tine length than a hay rake. I promise he will break 170
I would say right around the 170 mark. Using the quick petersens bowhunting method which works crazy good. Start using 100 then add up tine measurements of one side only and times it by two and add that to your 100. I came up with 6,9,10,9 for total of 34x2=68+100=168. This works good while quick judging in the stand and is usually really close. Use the ear as a guide line of about 6 inches. Normally within a few inches everytime.
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Heres a rough estimate I came up with
MB's: 24,24
G1: 5,4
G2: 11,11
G3: 12,12
G4: 10,8
C1: 4.5,4.5
C2: 4.5,4.5
Spread: 16

That should equal 171
I came up with 175" but would not be surprised a bit if that buck went well over 180" gross. That deer is a stud and with 4's like that he will surpise you I promise.

G1's 5 6
G2's 10 10
G3's 12 12
G4's 10 8
MB 24 24
Mass 35
Spread 16
Abn. 3
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The funny thing is if this buck was 22 inches wide instead of 15-16 everyone would be drooling. Guess what that's only 6 inches off his score. The tightness of his rack is deceiving. He goes no less than 165. I still think he is a booner. I have yet to see a mainframe 10 with each tine pretty much over 10 inches that scores less than 165. This guy is no slouch on mass either. Cooter And maher put their scores up. Please someone who thinks he is only 150 put up your numbers. With a straight face can you say he has 8 inch tines? That's what it would take to put him in the 50's.

Look past the small spread and smell the tinesssssss!!!
Net Booner!!!!! Probably not!!!! And on another note!! I don't think each of his tines are over 10"! Getting giddy or what???? Amazing!! :way:
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