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Searching for local Bentonite


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I'm looking to find bags of bentonite for my pond. May have a leak and wanted to try this before bringing in equipment. Anyone know of or have experience with buying in Iowa? Shipping is pricey, so was hoping to find some half way local I could pick up. Only need about 200-300lbs.
I know Jacobsons Warehouse in Adair off I-80 has lots of bentonite chips as it is used to plug wells.

Gingerich Well in Kalona had three different forms last I checked. Find a local well driller and they probably have some for sealing off old wells.

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Thanks to all who replied. I called Jacobson’s in Adair (closer to me) and they have 50lb bags. Never thought to check at well drilling or plumbing type places.
Very appreciated!
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