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SF 175- Ravin Crossbows Lobbying for eventual full crossbow use…

Ishi does something here that is very inportant..........he uses the word "crossgun" which is more accurate than the word bow.

Crossguns are devastating. That neighbor you have that only gun hunts will buy a crossgun and hunt the rut and be successful. People who never ever hunted with a bow will buy a crossgun and join the rut. You will see the herd structure change before you eyes. I have see this first hand. As Skip stated above and I have said here before THIS issue is by far a bow hunters worst nightmare. It will change quality quickly.
Well said. Have seen it with my own eyes in IL. It is truly heartbreaking to see how fast free crossgun use devastates the herd. Pray it doesn't sink its teeth into Iowa too
Not good. Do we have an email list of who needs emailed now?

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