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Shed hunting ban

Lived there about 20 years ago.......guys would key in on a huge Elk and follow/glass for days waiting for it to drop........some crazy people.......obsessed.
That’s a tough one on the surface. One hand I don’t want government over reach. On other hand- we live in a world with plenty of idiots that do stupid things. To the extent it stresses or hurts a resource or animal. Guys push things so far & then a reaction like this happens. No overriding opinion but interesting. Hmmmm.
Not all that uncommon. Those bozos out there will literally chase the elk herds with snow machines praying they drop, meanwhile adding stress to the animal in a crucial time. Lot of social media influencers out there hashtagging "conservation", but then showing up on the states posts about the closure saying how it's an overreach and they are just going to pose as hikers.
Alot of states out there don't allow shed hunting until a certain date for the same reason.
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