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Shed hunting will never be the same for me...


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I lost my shed hunting buddy today. Booner Shed Hunter passed away this am, he was 12 years old and one heck of a great yellow lab! Guess I'll get a new pup when I can and start training a new dog. Booner was multi-talented and would retreive anything: ducks, sticks, balls, geese, birds of any kind, bobbers and my favorite things he brought to me was sheds. There was never a day he wasn't happy to see me. People could learn a lot from a good lab! He will be missed!!!:(
Sorry for your loss. I know how it is. I lost my 9 year old black lab last year still not the same with out her.
Losing mans best friend is always a sad ordeal. Been through it many times and will go thru it many more times lord willing :D
There was never a day he wasn't happy to see me. People could learn a lot from a good lab! He will be missed!!!:(

Truer words have never been spoken...no matter the breed. We lost our white German shepherd last February to cancer and, while we have two new GSDs in the house, they are not Thor. You will never fill that particular void completely, but you will find another one to help fill it and bring just as much joy in his/her own way. Very sorry for your loss!
Sorry to hear this. I know how you feel. Kind of rips a hole right through you.Remember the fun you had together and God bless.
Just thinking about this makes me sick to my stomach! I have a 18 month old chocolate lab and i could not imagine a day without him! Sorry for your loss
You Have my condolences, Parents have a 8 year old yellow lab I love and I have my own 2 year old yellow lab. Be a very sad day when they go. Just remember the good times and let their legacy continue.

Used to have a 3 legged yellow lab he brought home a shed one day and that's when I got hooked on shed hunting. That shed will always be displayed in memory of him.
Man I feel for ya. And you hit the nail on the nail on the head. My lab is 7 years old and she is one of the biggest parts of my life (sleeping at my feet as I write this) I dread the thought of losing her and it tears me up when I hear people talk about losing theirs. As others have said, remember the good times and I'll crack a beer for ya man.

Post some pics

Here's my lab Kaycee. She's a diva, but I love her :drink2:

Sorry for your loss. Remember the good times you had. Makes your sheds an even more prized possession!
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