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Shed hunting wrap…

Nice. Lots of fun times there. Personally worst year we have had. Not sure what's up.
3 things IMO….
1) they spread out with this warm weather after the snow. Made it really hard to find.
2) population is down in most areas. Statewide we are half the harvest vs 2005.
3) ehd got more bucks this summer than normal.

Side note: If we could “come up with a solution” to not finding lots of dead bucks every year it would be a miracle!!! I know bucks kill eachother and find suicidal ways to die. But…. It Frigin sucks having (total guess)…. 1 buck per 100 acres wind up dead. IMO: the things killing bucks….
A) COYOTES. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. & I’ve also seen em get chased on camera and found em dead right after. Huge problem IMO
B) lactic acid build up from overdoing it during rut. Or just wearing themselves down.
C) injuries from rut
D) bacterial infections …. From fighting where they get infection in skull cap. Or ehd survivors with cracked hooves. Or just bacterial infections period.
SOME of above we can help. Some we can’t.
In Minnesota we’ve found 3 dead heads and 2 actual sheds … it’s a bummer to see them die .

Last winter took its toll… this year however, the winter has been the mildest ever for Minnesota !IMG_4662.jpegIMG_4599.jpeg
Great haul, Skip! Love seeing the kids getting involved!

Re: deadheads— we found one that was on our hitlist last year. Prob 5yo. Part of the game.

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Wow the one on the left sure looks to have a lot of mass. You can only really see it's pedicle.
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