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Shedhunter1's late muzz buck

It was cold!
Almost all the bucks I see late season I have never laid eyes on or no trail cam pictures.
After taking care of the coyote and sheds my brother and I regrouped for the last sit.
He informed me he seen a pretty big buck cut across open country to a 2-5 acre timber that lays next to a highway.
I thought what the heck I'll go out that way and sit on a terrace.
It didnt take long and does were crossing the highway and started heading into the field I was in. Cars were honking at them to get them off the highway. I'm not sure if he was one of them but him and 2 other bucks came out of the little timber and started making it to me. When he moved his head I could see the matching flyers. I waited and let the 6ptr walk past as he did I got the gun on him and the 6ptr stomped his foot. The big guy became very alert and I took my shot. He didn't go to far.
It was a lot of fun and my brother also shot a really nice 8ptr on opening weekend. Thanks to my farmer friend for letting us hunt and congrats to all the successful hunters!
Bring on shed season!
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You might have had the best day of my life:D Coyote, sheds and a awesome buck! Congrats.
Cool deer!
We had one on the farm a couple years ago that could have been his twin. It was an 8 point with matching flyers coming off both G2s in the same place as yours. We called him 'Ape-hangers'. I attached a pic (at least I hope I did...)

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