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Shotgun hunting/ hunter harassment question.

I have hung a few “hi viz” shirts through my property over the years to help keep people honest. I wear it for work on a daily basis so they typically don’t know if it’s me or not. It’s amazing what a cheap shirt/vest does to help keep people honest. You might think about several orange vests wrapped around trees just far enough in they can’t decide if it’s you or not
Hey there, new here. I have a question for you guys, or opinions. First of all I'm from North east Iowa. Very passionate hunter. My problem is kind of a long story but I'll try to make it short. We have 160 acre farm that I would say is prime whitetail hunting habitat but we have made it that way over the years with alot of time. Spend a lot of money on planting a couple thousand trees and food plots over the years and have around 90 acres of crp the rest are tress and food plots. My problem is this.. during second season shotgun, I sit all day. Every year another neighboring group surrounds our property and shoot into it and walk around it to get the deer pushed out while I'm on our property hunting. The part I'm curious on is there is nothing to hunt around our property. Bare fields on 3 side, on the forth side there is a dry run creek with some grass about 200 yards,View attachment 121728 so they are basically hunting our land without actually being on it. I've talked to the DNR and they just replied the we need to get along. Well the past 2 years they have messed up my hunt by walking around our property in the field. Now isn't this some kind of hunter harassment or something. The dnr even said they know they are just walking around ours to get the deer out but they say there is nothing they can do. Sorry for the long post but I'm looking for opinions. Thanks
Not much a guy can legally do about it. The shooting across a fence and the honking truck horns is bull shit.My advice is if they don’t play by the rules you shouldn’t either.
Most definitely. I'm so exhausted by the on going problem, I'm not even excited about hunting this year. They have messed up every hunt for me the past 4 years. Last year they started something new tho. They will drive by on the road and hit the brakes hard, and then take off real fast throwing gravel.
I don't know how much effort you want to put into deterring them but, Iowa Code 481A.123 has a baseline of not shooting w/in 200 yards of an occupied building or feedlot. Maybe you can come up with something out of that?
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