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Shotgun licenses


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We haven't received our shotgun licenses yet. It seems late to me. Are they late this year or should we be checking into this?
I received my late muzzleloader antlerless tag last Wednesday, but did not receive my shotgun tag that day. I called a neighbor and he received his shotgun tag that day. I was worried so I called the DNR Offices in Des Moines on Thursday morning. The put me in contact with a woman named Blanche and she was very helpful. She called up my name on the computer and confirmed that I had been issued a tag. She said that the tags "dribble" out of their mailroom and that I could expect to see it in the next week to week and a half. My father-in-law is in the same boat as I am. I don't have a direct number into Blance, but call their records department at 515-242-5818 and they should be able to put you through to someone who can help you.
Good Luck!!!
I got my 2nd season tag about a week or so ago. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!
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