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Simple GPS guidance for the foodplotter


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OK I realize the thought of GPS is crazy for some for foodplots. BUT they really aren't that expensive. I've been looking into some. $1,000 ish could get setup. Be really handy I think. Anyone running anything SIMPLE?
I can't believe they don't have a good phone app for this, or maybe they do? I tried to find one a couple years ago but the ones I tried were garbage. For spraying or broadcasting when you don't have rows to follow it would be handy.
Are there service fees or subscriptions on top of the $1,000? A one time cost of a grand really isn't that big of deal.
I have an ag leader compass system. It pretty simple. Accurate enough without any subscription service. It will also generate maps, ab lines, calculate acres,etc.
The only downside is that it is no longer sold. So look online at ebay for used models.


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I rigged up my 2720 with a harness for john deere guidance that I use spraying. I even set it up so that it shades on the map only when the boomswitch is flipped. No autosteer but works well. This wouldn't be very budget friendly for most. I just use a globe and monitor off of one of our row crop tractors. So I'm only invested like 150 for the harness and 50 for the globe mount.
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