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Solar vs Rechargeable 12V Power for Cell Cams??


Hey All - anyone compared these solar panels all the trail cam companies are selling vs rechargeable 12v battery packs in the field? I run a lot cell cams and am going to have to invest in either solar or external rechargeable batteries for each of my cell cams this offseason due to the insane price of lithium AA batteries that I've always used in the past. So I want to make the right choice due to the amount of cameras I run/power sources I'll need to buy.

Anyone ran cell cam solar panels long enough (multiple years) to know if they're durable? I'm hesitant to buy a bunch of these solar panels if a $20 12v external battery will last 5-6 months in the field on a charge which is all I'd need them to last for a season of running my cameras before bringing them in for the off-season when I can recharge them.

Thanks in advance!
Definitely solar. Especially the solar panels containing their own battery pack.. cams have been running for two years non stop without a battery in them.

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