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South Central Iowa Mule Deer


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I posted this already- but for those who dont follow my "from the stand" thread- I thought you would like to see this

Saturday I let a relative from out of town come and hunt off one of my food plots in Ringgold county- he text me around 9:30 and said he had just taken a woulded buck with his muzzlelaoder- not the giant he was hoping for but was doing the right thing. I get down and come help him drag it out and notice right away this isnt a normal whitetail deer. I honestly didnt believe it at first because I havent heard of a Mule Deer being shot in this area- I would believe western Iowa- but this seems to be a long way to travel. None the less I text the photos to my DNR buddy and he confirms what it is. A south Centra Iowa Mule deer!!

Troy (who shot it) said he is going to have it professionaly caped out and saved and he will give it to me- I think a rare kill like this- would be a shame to have that cape just get thrown out- so my question is- what to do with it? How weird would it be to see a mule cape with a huge set of whitetail shed antlers shoulder mounted???




I still swear I saw a mule deer one day I was driving to Omaha. I think I even asked if it was legal to tag one here in Iowa on the forum. Anywho, after I went to Colorado and saw all of them out there I'm almost sure it was a mule deer. Congrats! I wonder if it was somebodies pet?
I am getting the cape off this Mule Deer- and it definately shouldnt go to waste as it is gorgeous! should I just have it tanned and a wall rug type thing or how wierd would it be to have a 150" 8 point set of whitetail antlers put on it as a shoulder mount? As rare as this is for the area- something needs to happen to it
Coulda been the same one Biebs saw... Wandering around Iowa looking for a patch of sagebrush to call home...

IMO: A whitetail rack on a muley cape would kinda like a jackalope. Cute (albeit somewhat expensive) conversation piece.
Nice deer. I am starting to think that we are getting more and more mule deer coming through. I swear I saw one on a place I hunt about 4 years ago. This was in Plymouth County.
My dad swears he saw a mule deer doe a couple different times while bowhunting and my buddy says he saw a small mule deer buck on the neighboring property while shotgun hunting. This was in Plymouth County.
Wouldnt be too hard to get a decent set of mulie antlers to put on it - or why not have it mounted with the real antlers?? Who cares if its small - its a mulie in iowa!
Wouldnt be too hard to get a decent set of mulie antlers to put on it - or why not have it mounted with the real antlers?? Who cares if its small - its a mulie in iowa!

Troy is keeping the skull and antlers- doesn't want the cape. I'm probably going to just do a wall tanned cape. Looking forward to pulling all my cards down there this weekend to see if I have a pic of him
That's pretty frieken cool. Buddy swears up and down couple years ago he saw a mule doe bound across the road here in Story county, I told him he was crazy, but ya just never know I suppose.
I saw a couple mule deer right around the Sioux Falls, SD area last year. I know I'm still west of Iowa in that regard but they wouldn't have to go but across the river to get to Iowa. This one however is quite a ways east of the river. Very cool. Mule deer are awesome. Was my 2nd year in SD this year with our west river rifle trip and drew a whitetail tag both years. Can't wait for the any deer tag!! Hopefully next year is that year!!
Where are you at in Ringgold? You can PM me if you want. Why I ask is I wonder if it came off the Teague Ranch? I hunted that area for 20+ years and had seen different species of deer that had escaped from there high fence .
My cousin has pics of a muley buck in western iowa from last year. Seemed a little strange but apparently several have been shot in western iowa over the years.
Pretty cool. I would guess an escaped animal the way the ear is notched? In my opinion whitetail horns would look goofy with those big ears!
proly 20yrs ago my cousin shot a mule deer buck during youth season in Monona county, my dad tanned the hide for him. we have never seen another one
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