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Soybean question


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Looking into 2024, I am looking to run beans for the first time on the new property. I have 4 acres planned, a good portion will be going into this year's corn stubble.

What do you guys reccomend, I know nothing, was thinking Real World?

Does broadcast and pack work post till or should I use a drill?

Does soil require a lot of ammendment after a successful corn planting?

Should I broadcast any fall seed into it?

4 acres have to be fenced?

Also, I typically travel to the Ohio farm last week of October to hunt, when should fence come down?
Drill them. If u can’t- work it a bit and pack it.
Use innoculant on the beans. Any coop can give u a bag to sprinkle on the seed.

4 acres- probably needs fence. If medium to high deer density.

u could plant rye about now yet but not a make or break thing. Getting a touch late for rye.

Without a soil test (yes, just get a soil test)…. I’d GUESS & I probably would not be far off, u would be well served getting a cart with this…. 0-60-60 + 200-300 lbs pelletized lime. Plus sulfur, zinc & boron. Any competent coop can mix this up in one cart & the sooner u spread it the better (p&k take time to break down). Easy as pie!!!

Good luck!!!
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