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Standing Corn Buck Kill


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Saturday evening a neighbor text me and said he s got a big buck in his corn, chasing and tending does. (Less than a mile from my house) I said I'm in. So I got together with a friend Sunday morning(Figured 2 people would have a better chance with 30 acres of standing corn. We pull in the field drive and there he is running back and forth shadowing a doe that was just in the corn.

So first we stalk along the west side. The buck dissapears, so my buddy goes on a flanking route to the north side of the corn, and sits in a small waterway on the northside. (I stay on the south side) Making my way to the waterway. Where I see the Buck(still shadowing does)

I move up and he starts coming towards me, at 80 yards. I tuck in and get ready. I look up and the buck makes a circle, and heads up the waterway.(I start moving up and all of a sudden I heard a celebratory howl from my buddy)( I sprint up the waterway and he celebrating like crazy)

The buck came to 10 yards and he stuck him!!!!! Buck went 50 yards and piled up.


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