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Steel Shooting Targets - Support our local HS

Brett Morris

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Big favor to ask: our local high school has an incredible industrial technology program. Recently I talked to them about cutting a bunch of AR500 Steel Targets to sell. As you can imagine the material alone is incredibly expensive. They aren't doing it to make a terrible lot, just cover material/keep the program growing. I'd love to see this become a bigger opportunity but the first step is selling the initial batch.

There are quite a few different items available. Once they get the initial batch sold I'm sure they're open to some custom orders as well. Shooting steel is incredible & these targets will outlive you!

They have the following items for sale:

IPSC Silhouette - Full Size ($75)

IPSC Silhouette - Reduced Size ($50)

4" Gong ($8)

6" Gong ($10)

8" Gong ($11)

Shipping is available but will have some cost associated. Pickup in New Sharon, IA.

You get the idea, they're basically half price what you'd pay at the store & you're supporting our local shop program. Let me know if you have any questions!

Check out their facebook page (NM Custom Creations). The best way to place an order is through facebook or giving the teacher a call directly. His name is Ryan Groom. 641-660-4257 is his contact info.

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Will these hold up for 6.5 or will that poke holes through it?

I just watched a video of a guy shooting .223 & 6.5 at AR500 3/8" Steel and he didn't have any pitting until he got inside 50 yards. The pitting he had inside of 50 yards was hardly even noticeable. Mine have been shot up and there is absolutely no sign you've ever used them.
The AR500 targets I have (Amazon) barely pit (maybe 1/32”) with a 270 Win at 100 yds.

I’ve got a few round targets from 4-12”, but could use a Silhouette or two. Been wanting to replace the plate of mystery metal I have at the fence line with a big AR500.

I really appreciate everyone that intends to or has already made a purchase! These kids take a ton of pride in running this "business" and your support is appreciated!
Brett- do you know if they're still making these? I sent them a message too

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Reach out to Ryan on his cell. He’s the varsity wrestling coach so his life is crazy. Add 3 young boys wrestling multiple tournaments a weekend & a daughter shooting archery, he’s a busy guy. I’d assume life would be slowing down a little now.
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