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Stinger/Clopyralid in CP-2 planting


I have a third year tall grass prairie that is NOT in the CRP program. I purchased the mix and planted it without govt intervention. It looks beautiful and there is an exceptional amount of deer sign. I'm looking to control some Canada thistle and bull thistle with my boom sprayer.
I have Sonora which has AI clopyralid. The listed species controlled on Keystone site looks pretty good but I'm wondering if anyone using this has hurt their prairie plants while controlling the thistle?
Recommended rate of 10.5 oz/acre with NI surfactant.

Pic is of prairie with some shrubs/conifer lines I planted.
Interested in this response as well. I have been hand spot spraying thistles in CP25 and monarch seeding thinking there was nothing I could boom spray without killing all broadleaf forbs
Fwiw, Keystone Pest says damage to forbs may be possible, especially legumes.

Guy I bought seed from says label rates should he safe for most forbs but could injure them.

Guy from the county says it'll kill all the forbs.

Responses are all over the map.
It’ll kill some & not others IMO. I use clopyralid on my corn ground. But it’s labeled for things like brassicas & few other “broadleaf” like plants. Probably most will be smoked.
I had thistles in some natives. Sucks!!! It’s so much easier with grasses…. 2,4-d, atrazine, triclopyr & I did get some duracor for thistles too so I can try that. All forbs are gonna be SMOKED!!!!
I wonder about imazapic. I’ll read label on that one. It’s safe on many CRP plantings. But I’m not sure if it will take out thistles post emerge.

….. S is suppression. C is control. Can dig through to see if it addresses weed size

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