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Target bucks


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Anybody having any old or new potential target bucks showing up on cams? All I have gotten so far are does with fawns and young bucks.
Got one pic of my target buck from last year on June 1st. Similar to last year, then he stays in a small area until he's hard horned but I know he's around. Don't get discouraged, they are out there and move little while putting on inches! Mine showed up on cameras again in mid September last year.
I just put some cams out on Weds. and have a couple more to put out. I'll hopefully find out in a couple weeks what's still around.
Lots of things play into this. Crop rotation is a huge thing this time of year. Beans and alfalfa shine right now. Corn not so much. Things change in a big way when beans yellow and when velvet comes off. Acorn year changes things again sometimes. Lots of factors.
We just put cams out. Maybe 10 cams for a week. Very slow so far. Very normal!!!! August & September - hoping for best!!! I’m paying real close attention mid September:)
Pulled a bunch of cards last night, cams had been out since March/April. Don't do that!!!! Lots of pics of stuff that grew up in front of them, tall grass, weeds, branches that weren't there before.....

Looking at the cards, I did get a glimpse or two of the buck I was hoping to see. Hopefully the stuff I cleared won't grow back. Added another cam, refreshed batteries, fingers crossed.
Yeah, where we hunt a lot changes from Summer to Fall. Rarely do I see deer in Summer pics that are still around for Fall, but I know a lot of you have your nice ones living on your land. Just getting a excited a little early and hoping some of you are seeing some that get you pumped.
It’s been interesting for us, this will be our 4th hunting season owning this farm and we just have very few bucks that summer on us. Most of our farm is pretty thick with high stem count cover so I just don’t think the bucks prefer it while their horns are in velvet and sensitive. Good doe cover and great fawning cover so we get a fair amount of pics of them. Come late September to early October though it’s like the bucks just appear out of the ground and our farm fills up with a good number of bucks. Definitely rather have the bucks there during season than during summer but it definitely makes our summer trail cam action pretty boring!
I did get one video with a couple of nice youth season target bucks pushing each other around (120"ish). Of course they don't show up when we're sitting there . . .
I've been getting my #1 target buck on cam about once every week or two since he came out of velvet. That's usually when I start getting the bigger buck pics but mostly nocturnal until the last week in October. My #2 has only showed up 3 times since the beginning of September.


New potential target(s). Different bucks guys ?
The 1st buck pic on my original post has been around for 4 years, I dedicated my season last year trying to get him but after 3 close encounters it never happened. Found his sheds last year and now know where his core area is. The other buck I never seen before and have no history of.
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