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the wifes latest harvests


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well she found out after I took here to heaven and back with her first dall sheep ram, funny how she cried and bitched the whole time till she put her little hands on that full curl ram. she is one tough wife and now she knows she can due any thing as long as im packing the majority of the weight. The ram was 37.5 with 14 inch bases. real semetric.. And last years spring blackie. sq 6'2". the ram was a 350 yd shot with a 338 ultra mag and the bear was arrowed at 10 yds.


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Congrats to your wife the killing machine! Congrats to you for having such a cool wife to enjoy the outdoors with!
I'm getting tired of same old 170" whitetails, I need to move to Alaska and get a variety. Very Cool, love the posts.
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