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Ive had it with trespassers and thieves on my lease. The last two times ive went to check my cameras one camera was stolen (it wasn't locked) and the others which were locked had the SD cards stolen. This thief has to walk a half mile back to get to these cameras through and is pretty brave to come back twice now in less then 2 weeks. I've already implemented a strategy to catch this person and when I do there will be he** to pay! All these cameras were on my best scrapes! Mad is an understatement.
I think there are little GPS tracking chips you can buy and put on things. Such as your pet, keys, phone, etc etc. Maybe try something like that?? Hope you catch the sucker!
I have someone on mine that comes in with a climber stand. He comes off the public and then up a tree 50yards on my side. This past year he left his bow hook and safety strap, so I think he'll be back. All I can say is have fun trying to find all the cams on your way in:) And he better hope to God above that I don't catch him in person....ok, I feel better now.....I hate those freeloading bastards
We to have sticky fingers on o e of our properties. I have things setup for a bust this year, and if I catch them I am going to say either you pay me or give back every camera they had gone missing or the sheriff handles it.
I really do wish you guys the best of luck catching the perps. But you will be really lucky to have a state's attorney that will prosecute these thieves even with excellent proof. Seems the norm now is to let them walk.
My goal with this will be to have the proof that this guy never hunts this area again. I will certainly let the CO handle the legal issues but I will show every landowner in a 30 mile radius this POS pic. Knowing there has been a lot of equipment from barns, etc in the area come up missing I am sure the landowners will be interested
You get em on cam, most counties in Iowa are pretty good about nailing them. Trespassing and theft. Get the hidden cams out. Works like a charm.
Unfortunate if some law or prosecutor won't do much but I bet most counties that's folks they wanna fine & prosecute. Idiots.
Luckily I've only had cards stolen, not the cameras. I'm 99% sure my card thieves are guys running dogs that are on property they shouldn't be.
Have you asked the neighbors to see if they are having issues or might have a clue who it is? I mentioned to a landowner that my card was stolen from a camera on his property and found out that others in the area have been having the same problem. Now everyone is on the lookout and are putting hidden cameras out to try to catch them.
I have had cards stolen 2 the only problem with the internal memory is it only works if the memory card is already out when turned on.I am sure some may operate differently but most wont use internal memory if sd card is in.
What cameras have internal memory? I know my old Moultries used to, but not sure if my new ones do or not. Would be sweet to know which ones still do.
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What cameras have internal memory? I know my old Moultries used to, but not sure if my new ones do or not. Would be sweet to know which ones still do.

I thought you also had to set if it was writing to the card or internal memory. I didn't think they would do both.
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