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Tragedy here


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I recently lost my business in a fire. I am presently working on a new computer at my kitchen table, and I have been trying to compile lists of what I lost and the values of those things. You can read about the fire at: http://www.globegazette.com/news/2000/112000/week2/09/Ni5.shtml

I have a question about the value of antlers. I had a couple mounts that were lost, nothing big, but the sentimental value really hurts. I had quite a large collection of big shed antlers, about 30 which I don't know how to value. about 10-12 of them would make the shed antler record book, and I had two matched sets that were right at B&C minimums. Does anyone have any idea how I can place a $ value on these? Thanks in advance for any help.

After reading the article I am not sure what to say. I can't believe how close your son was to being in the accident. In times like this all you can do is thank God for you and your families safety.

What can we do to help? We can find someone who can help with the antler/shed values but what else?

Contact me in private if you like, and you might post your e-mail address so others so incline can help however they can.

Thank God first that all is safe and well!
Our prayers are with you and yours!
I don't beleive they will put much a value on sheds unless you can show them a good market value and pictures! We try to take video of the house and pictures every once in awhile to have documents of our belongings.
If there is anything we can do please feel free to ask!
We have just learned that our friend Robert Brewer has passed away. He died on 11/15/00 from an illness we are trying to get details on.

Robert Brewer was a great whitetail hunter who hunted Pony Creek in SW Iowa.

We are proud to have known him. God Bless him,his spirit will live in the woods.


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