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Trail cams


I bought a cheap trail cam last year, I was having sooo much fun checking it, I decided to get another, I did a little online research and found the bushnell at Walmart ot have some good reviews and for 100 dollars I figureed I couldn't go wrong......... hahahaha was I wrong two cameras later and i have my 100 dollars back in my pocket. I am now looking for some ideas, i have done some research agan......:drink2: and today bass pro had the moultrie m-80xt on sale so I ordered one of those to give it a shot or return it before i spend countless hours wasting my time :thrwrck:and be back at square 1... any thoughts on cameras, what do you like and dislike about them?

I think I wrote the last review in this thread. I really like my moultrie m80-xt. For me, the best features are: long battery life (mine lasted about 7 weeks with regular AA batteries), low delay time ( I use 5 seconds), and burst mode ( I use the 3 shot burst so my chances of getting a good clear picture of that big buck are pretty high if he happens to come by)
Thanks native. Looks like the reconyx is a favorite, however I cant stomach the 500+ so ill stick with the moultrie, for now. I will never buy another leaky Bushnell though ;)
I like my m80xd. I prefer video mode over photo mode on trails or scrapes when they are moving a lot. On mineral I like photo mode as they dont move as much. I havent even checked my m80 yet this year. Been out since oct 20th. I am hoping less blurriness with the newer models vs the original. Time will tell.
Greekhawk said:
Thanks native. Looks like the reconyx is a favorite, however I cant stomach the 500+ so ill stick with the moultrie, for now. I will never buy another leaky Bushnell though ;)

Don't let the Walmart edition Bushnell fool you...I run 8 Bushnell Black flash model 119466 and they are great. I did some serious shopping around on eBay an other sites and think I averaged about $170 per camera. I believe they retail for $250.
I started using covert cameras this year and I couldn't be happier. They've been out since June, each one has taken well over 5000 pics, and I haven't changed batteries in any of them. They take good pictures and the trigger time seems very good.
For a cheaper, great quality camera, I would suggest Covert CA 3.0 or 4.0 cameras. They are tiny and concealed cameras. Great photos and pretty decent trigger. Can shop around and have them shipped to your door for just over $100
Thanks guys ill look in to some of these and ill look at the trophy cams also. The first thing I didn't like about the ones I tested were the cheesy seal.
I'm going to agree with the coverts. I have a 3.0 and it takes pretty good pictures and has good capture speed (not many empty pics). For around $100 it's pretty good camera. GREAT battery life as well on only 4 AA's.
I have been running DLC cameras for the last 5 years. Haven't had a single issue. A set of lithium batteries will last me an entire season. I just ordered 2 more MP6's that I found online for $124 each shipped .
Im liking my bushnell hd trophycams.

Me too. Battery life is outstanding. I've had my 2 out since late August on reg bats and just changed them dec 1. The battery indicator still showed half power but thought the cold weather would zap um fast. Not many blank picks for me either, if I get 1000 photos, I'd say 10-15 blanks and that's acceptable to me. Water tight seal this far on both.
Cabella's also has a Moultrie M60. I have not seen anyone else with this cam and you can get them if they are on sale for $99. Nice camera.
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