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Trophy Room.


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Being it was -50 yesterday, the boys and I tore through the trophy room and rearranged it somewhat. It doubles as a mini stick hockey rink so it is far from what I envision it will one day be. However, kids are only young once and one day I will have much more room to work with.

I'm posting this thread, because this was stated in my recent thread about my most recent mount.

I would literally love just to see a thread on here of all of your mounts SaskGuy with individual pics/stories of each buck! Canadian bucks are a weakness for most of us on here I would think!
Obviously my most recent.

I shot him in Oct. 2012 with a muzzleloader. I was hunting another buck but beggars cannot be choosers and when he walked out I knew from years past that was an old buck and I simply couldn't resist shooting him looking the way he did. Score..schmore.

The first thing I did was try and get some sheds off the floor. I took some of the sets and put them together and hung them where they are less of a hazard to the kids and their friends when they are playing.
I did the same thing on the other side of the room. I also threw a euro mount of a buck I found dead while shed hunting a few years ago. They are in front of an ancient double drop tine buck I shot in Nov. of 2009. I had planned to shoulder mount him but the cape got ruined and the taxi messed up and plaque mounted him instead of a euro. The clock hung in my grandparent's home after my grandpa made it. My mom gave it to me after they passed away and it is a nice reminder of my childhood days at their place. I need to figure out an attractive way to cover the breakers, any ideas?
This is just antler mount of a buck I shot in 2003. I shot him one morning right behind my house. My brother was up hunting moose and I had to work so I was able to leave him with gutting and loading. The pic isn't great but he has really good spoon like beam ends. The skull plate laid around for years before I did it myself last year.
Just another one of my better shed sets up out of a pile. I hunt them above an 8x10 I had blown up of the buck when he made a scrape earlier that year. Also you can see I am unafraid to clutter stuff up a bit with the kids artwork. The buck is a buck I killed in 08 with a bow after it walked off the field where it was feeding. The 3 photos in the frame are cam pics of him, two that yr, one the yr before and a photo of me and my boys after I woke them from bed to go find him, what a great moment that was, they were 3 and 5, how time flies.
Again ,the same buck from 08. In the middle is my all time favorite pursuit. I hunted him for years picking up many sheds before I dumped in early Oct. of 2004. I can still remember holding my oldest, who was a baby, in some field photos. Some of his sheds are visible on the corner shelf, gross 201.

The buck on the right, I killed in 2001. Not much of a story really, mid Oct, muzz season, he walked out. I wish I knew good taxidermy then,..grossed 206.
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Buck on the left I shot in Oct of 05. He just stood around way too long eating alfalfa, he actually grew when I walked up to him b/c his body was huge, grossed 181. The buck in the middle I shot in 2011 about 10 paces with a rifle in late Nov in -30 weather. I regret not mounting him, he was a real old buck that I had many pics of over the course of 4 years.I never scored him but would guess him in the 170 range, he'll end up with a cape yet. The one on the far right was the first buck I ever shot when I moved here. I shot him in early Dec., again with a rifle from about 10 steps as he walked up to me waiting on a cutline in the middle of some huge timber. He is a main frame 9 with split g2's and actually has the longest beams of any buck I have shot at 27, grossed 176 or 172, I really cannot even remember or care.
Two more great muzz bucks from early Oct. The biggest, I am sure will be the biggest buck I ever see alive and I am really glad I didn't shoot him the year before as a 190 class buck,....good mistake. I have a shed from 2 yrs before on a redwood/antler table beneath him,..and some clutter.

The other buck grossed 196 and his sheds from 2 yrs earlier hang beneath him now.

As you can see there is a lot of junk in my room. As stated earlier, some day the boys will be gone and I'll have more room to "hoard". It is indeed a work in progress but it was fun rearranging it with the boys, actually felt o.k to move about 75 sheds out for good. I still have some other bucks from earlier in life to do something with one of these days but a guy only has so much room in a house laid out like mine.

Because of past regret of not mounting one, the buck I shot this year is at the taxidermist, we are in need of a double throat patch buck in the mix. I hope the next 15 years are as kind to me as the past 15 have been.
Holy smokes you have some nice deer! Any good job openings up there? I may be up for a move with the prospect of chasing deer like that every year! Thanks for sharing! That is fantastic!
Good night, 3 deer over 195! If I were you I wouldn't even care if I couldn't spell Iowa let alone hunt it
I actually forgot to put the score up on one and it goes 201 gross, is in the middle beside buck that grossed 206. You can't really see a couple stickers in the pic as well as a few scoreable points off his bases. I edited the post now.

I'd hunt Ia simply for the experience, I really can't imagine having a better thing going on, no disrespect to anybody living anywhere else.

Maybe this thread can inspire some others to share during this slow time of year.
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I'd never get bored with that room!!! Wow.
So, how did the "mistake" come to be on that dude not getting shot the year before, did you pass him then?
Hope your next 15 have some amazing bucks as well and I kinda have a suspicion they will! :)
That's literally everyone's dreams.
You know, it really was a dream situation that I fell into, without and doubt. I moved here for work, bought a house and within a couple years I had access to some very prime lands. It was also a perfect storm for creating big bucks. Winters had been real good so the numbers were better about 7, 8 years ago. It seemed there was a dandy on every farm I had permission on. I also had more time to invest back then as I was just starting my family and had more time to commit to hunting deer than I do now.

Now in 2014, we are enduring the third of three consecutive brutal winters, this one the worst. Numbers are down and big buck numbers are definitely down. I am also seeing more hunters and shed hunters on the lands I hunt than I used to. I think that is so due to a combination of a few things but that has contributed to declining true monster numbers.

I'm hoping that the cycle will repeat itself and winters will become kind again allowing for better mature buck survival and antler growth. My oldest will begin hunting in a few years and my youngest a couple after him. I'm not wishing for them to be spoiled rotten but I am hoping for things to be "good enough" that hunting becomes a big enough part of their life that it somewhat dictates what they choose to do when they are older. With rural Saskatchewan kids flocking to cities after high school due to a changing economy and lifestyle, I know that what whitetail hunting can be here when the stars align could be the trump card I hope it is when they decide where they may choose to anchor their roots one day.
Awesome room!! I hope to someday shoot some deer as great as the ones you have. Hope some of the monsters made it through this winter for you.
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