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Truck Toppers


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I'm considering getting a topper for my 2011 Toyota Tundra. I've never bought a topper before, or had one on my truck, but feel like it would be great to have, especially during the hunting seasons and through the winter for ice fishing etc... Beings I've never really looked into them, or know what I'd like or wouldn't like. What's your opinion? I hate buyers remorse, so I just research the $hit out of things before I buy.

1. Pros vs. cons for a topper in general?
2. What is a brand that you've had good luck with or know is a good one?
- I'm looking into Leer, ARE, and Jason toppers at the moment
3. All of the toppers just look very similar to me, but there is certainly a difference in the prices. Any recommendations on kinds of toppers to avoid?
4. What kind of features/options are ones that you just can't live without?
- I'm thinking interior lights, maybe something like a leer locker if I go with a leer, 12v outlets?, removable front window (for cleaning, and my tundra back window rolls down), what kind of side windows?

For any that can give insight on any or all of these questions, it is very much appreciated.
I finally broke down and put a topper on my Silverado this year, and it's easily been the best decision I've made. Like knowing everything in the back of my truck can be locked up and secure. Plus knowing everything is dry in the bed is always a nice feeling. I searched craigslist for mine for awhile looking for a decent price rather than spending a couple grand on a new one. I don't have any accessories currently in mine, but would like to possibly add light in the future. The storage box you mentioned would be nice, but you also have to factor in that's a lot of weight to add on to an already heavy topper. I've also noticed better MPG in my truck since the topper cuts down wind resistance considerably.

I would start looking for used if I were you. The one I purchased only cost me $350 and a trip to Eastern Iowa, and I found a local painter to color match it to my truck for $150. So $500 compared to the $1,900 for the same topper brand new from the dealer was a no brainer.
Love and hate mine. As you could guess sometimes it's in the way. It's not the easiest thing to take off especially when I'm by myself and then you got to think of a place to store it if you do take it off. I've made it work though but sometimes I end up pulling the trailer when I wouldn't have to if I didn't have the topper on for taller loads like a pallet of seed. Climbing in to get things is a pain in the butt sometimes . But in the end I would miss it if I didn't have it it sure is nice to have a dry place for your gear and a sense of security.
I had a topper on my previous truck and on mine now I have a soft roll up cover. The topper is great for hauling more stuff but the thing I disliked the most is the rear view mirror ended up pointless. The soft cover still keeps things dry and more secure. If the topper was easier to take off and on I'd have that again.
I put a Carryboy on when I first bought my truck. I wanted something that was very stout.

This one is great. Its fiberglass and I have stood on top of it and it held no problem. Its impossible to take it off by yourself without with help of a forklift/tractor etc.

One thing that I didnt think about was replacement glass. Carryboy has curved windows. So when I broke one, I was quoted $500 to replace a side window! I put a piece of Lexan (similar to plexiglass) in instead.

And I would not buy new again, Like WOEHLK said buy used.

Always had toppers on my trucks in the past but have not been able to talk myself into spending the cash for a new one or find one used. I have a tri fold soft cover on it right now and have been happy with it. Everything stays dry. Would be nice to have a real solution for road dust but that's an issue with a topper too. Pretty much got to the point where I won't buy one unless I find a very good deal on a used one. One time I really don't miss a topper is loading a large deer by myself. Much easier to stand in the bed and drag it up. As far as security a topper only keeps an honest man honest. Gives everyone a clear view of whats in your bed and won't stop anyone that wants in. Just my opinion.
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