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Alright so it might not be the place to post this but hey why not try to help other guys out. My buddy shared this app with me and it allows you to save on gas. Basically all you do is check in on the app and claim the discount for the gas station you’re at and then take a picture of the receipt when you get done fueling. I drive a little Honda so yeah it probably doesn’t save me a ton compared to what other guys would. My first tank gave me a little over $6.5 back. There’s also restaurants you can get cash back on. You can transfer the money to your PayPal or bank whenever you want. It’s free. I’ll put a link if anyone wants to try it it’ll give you a bonus 15¢ off a gallon your first fill up along with giving me a 15¢ bonus.

If you’ve downloaded it and have never used it you can use my promo code for that bonus 15¢ it’s CURTIS48624

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I started using this app a few weeks ago and have about $30 so far. I usually dont do these types of things but they don't ask for your full credit card info only the first several and last four digits.
Not a bad deal for things you're buying anyways. Groceries and fuel really add up quick. I should avg $40 - $60 a month
I forgot to mention it works for diesel too. I’ve bought 34 gal of fuel now and have made $23.39 back.

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I just wanted to bump this to the top as we are getting into the holiday seasons. Great way to save on your traveling and also on groceries. I’m still using it and loving it. If gas prices are going to remain high I might as well do what I can to save.

Click this link or use promo code CURTIS48624 to get an extra 15¢/gal bonus the first time you make a purchase. https://upside.app.link/CURTIS48624
Alright fellas I’m gonna share it again because there’s a promo going when you use the app for the first time you get a bonus $7 and I get a bonus $7 as well if you use my promo code. I have saved close to $100 now. I have friends that use it more religiously and they are over $400 saved.

Click this link or use promo code CURTIS48624 to get a $7 bonus the first time you make a purchase. https://upside.app.link/CURTIS48624

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My daughter uses it. Based on her review I had it downloaded on my phone for all about 1 hour. Decided that I just wouldn't use it enough. Get my gas at costco which is usually cheaper than the cash the app gave back and my wife does all the grocery shopping, so just wasn't a fit for me. My daughter uses it quite a bit tho and had saved a chuck of money.
The more I use it the less money you get (I’m over $400 in savings but that’s for a fleet and really not impressive if you look at the numbers overall). I think it’s great at first- just another thing to remember and try to do- pry won’t use it much next year. I’ve heard Mudflap is better overall but haven’t tried it yet
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