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VBALLHNTR - 2016 Contest Turkey


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I'm posting this for my teammate so I'll let him add a story as you'll see some additional explanation is in order...

1.25" & 1.25" spurs
10" beard

68 total score



I don't see the picture of my sweet mug!! Is there a pic with the post??
I will fill everyone in on my adventures tomorrow!
my side of the story

Thanks to my partner for getting this post up! This is "my side of the story"!! This was a last day of second season bird, from my go to spot for when I have not pre scouted a bird, with a permanent blind all set up and ready to go!! I will also have to admit that I did swing and miss at a bird earlier in the season (called him in to close) at least that is my excuse! The miss turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I got to experience quite a hunt for this bird!
Had birds gobbling right away and one flew into the field a couple hundred yards away and was very active and kept working in and out of sight. Suddenly a hen came into my setup and I thought it was game on... which it was, as I was watching the hen I looked out the corner and here he was coming hard! Worked perfect, let him get in (but not to close) and whacked him! The hen ran off and I jumped out to check it all out and take a couple pics/selfies! Called home and told my wife I would come home quick and show the kids before school and she could take some pics (she loves helping me early in the mornings!)
As I am screwing around checking things out I hear a gobble CLOSE, as in right behind the blind in the timber! I drop the bird and dive back in the blind to see what will happen! Next thing I know the second bird is strutting in to check things out and I figure I am going to get a show with him destroying the decoys and beating up the dead bird. I was almost right... but apparently he was more of a lover than fighter! He proceeded to spend almost an hour mounting/terrorizing and "having his way" with the dead bird, and both decoys! I have almost 20 minutes of footage of this over the hour! I would video until my phone got full... find some stuff to delete, record again etc!! I finally had to get out and he wouldn't leave even after I got out of the blind, I had to walk towards him and yell and wave my arms! I was a little nervous about whether I was next on his list!!
The decoy picture shows some of the cleanup I had to do on the decoys! He "left his mark" all over them!!
Crazy funny deal... turned out to be a great experience!
I believe the first picture is of him having his way with my Jake decoy after he had "finished" with the dead bird and the hen!
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