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Velvet Shedding - Today was the Day



I saw three bucks tonight of varying ages, including a 150 class 5x5. All were white horned.

I also talked to the deer breeder and he indicated that his buck shed his velvet today. September 2 was the day.

Interesting isn't it?


Hotter than $#&% too.
No kidding...we knew we were close George. I did look back in my notes and found that it was 9/4/99 last year.


Just got back from 5 hours of glassing, saw my biggest buck of the year. He is white horned and shiney(sp) and extremely big. Tons of deer moving early. We had a lot of lightning last night and just a tenth of rain, I suspect they were moving early to beat the heat.


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hung my first stands this morning. I am not a believer in the fact that if you stink up an area the deer completely leave. I do believe that they'll run over the hill but if they are a resident deer they will be back.

saw lots of fresh rubs this morning and one nice one.
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