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Verizon go cam


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Has anyone ever bought a Verizon go Cam and tried to set it up without having Verizon as a carrier? I just received this camera as a gift and Verizon fought me saying they do not support these cams any longer. This is the 4G cam that was just purchased within the last week....

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Is this a Spartan Gocam or something offered directly from Verizon?

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Thats bologna.... Verizon still supports them, i'm running three 4G LTE verizon go-cam's & all were set up within the last 30 days. However i'm using verizon as a primary carrier & they are just piggy-backed off my data plan. Absolutely love em so far. Good luck!
Update***** After a long phone conversation and me telling the lady that she was wrong. They finally made a "special allowance" to activate my camera. So just a heads up to everyone, i would make some phone calls before making the purchase.
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