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Views from Stand 2023-24

“views from the couch”. ;). I am such a loser.
I’m picking my battles. Got warm so I got home- healthy meal. Went to gym. Feel 100000x better getting body & mind going. Few days off & the second it gets cold - BACK. I know many others can’t do this but that’s just what I’m doing right now. :). So stoked to see this cold weather coming!!!!! & think about this… for anyone who has the mental willpower…. 3+ more weeks of GOOD bow hunting. Still a grind & hard. But good luck guys!!!!! IMG_6692.jpeg
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Unfortunately I took tomorrow off and it’s too late to change it.

Turns out that maybe taking the day off and the crappy warm weather yesterday paid off. Seen a fair amount of movement early in the morning. Passed a wild looking deer I probably was crazy for and ended up shooting the #1 target we had on this farm 20 min later. I guess I was wrong. I was just chalking the day up to any day in the woods is better than any day at work and got lucky I guess.
This boy was tired was dozing off on food plot for an hr waiting for girls to show up!

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Haven't posted in a while. Been chasing a nice 8, seen several decent 3 year olds that just needed one more year. A few getting shot by the neighbors, gotta love MO..

View over my "very rough" pea/brassica, 3x cereal grain rescue, to H with it plot..

Creek bottom flat, good corridor between bedding areas and two big hollows, about 80 to 100 yards wide and a half mile long.. Hard to hunt depending on the timing, does like to bed here and lock down in this location behind an abandon barn. Watched my target buck follow a doe out of there about 2 weeks ago.

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