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Views from the stand 2022-23

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Deer movement has been as slow as it's been in a decade, but the scenery this year has more than made up for it. A couple hours in the stand just flys by, but maybe I'm just getting older and appreciating things a bit differently. However, I'm nowhere near as old as Daver.

Hunting atop a wooded hollow facing north Saturday morning. Small food plot is 100 yds east under a huge red Oak overhanging the timber edge.


Didn't lay eyes on a deer all day yesterday, but no regrets at all for going out.

Facing west. Wooded fingers in a crp field feed this draw with two crossings at 25 yards. Hard to see but it’s a steep draw. Great morning spot, this AM had a NW wind. Only saw a dink but he was doggin one .
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101722 - Center Strip.jpg
So far I have hunted just one evening, an early muzzy sit. I took this pic on that evening, 10/17/22. This pic is looking NNW and is in the center of my farm. There is an access lane visible at the spine of the ridge, it bisects two long narrow food plots. We had another droughty summer, so the plots are looking a little puny, but there is enough there that the deer are actively hitting it.

101722 - Old 8 pointer - Whipporwill.jpg
This was the first buck out that night, I passed him. He is an 8 point, right at 152". We think he was 5, perhaps even 6. A neighbor shot him about 1 week after this appearance.
I was hoping to contribute some good pics this year, but jacked my dang back up bad yesterday and am pretty sure my season is over. Was really looking forward to getting out this weekend. Good luck everybody.
Unfortunately, getting to the chair and hauling any deer out would be a big issue for me. Hopefully the next few days treat me well in terms of recovery. Love the setup btw.
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