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Well...I learned that lesson!!


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I'm posting this in the hopes that someone will see it and learn from my mistake. Last Wednesday night I was sitting in my tree stand kinda bummed out because the farmer had come in and mowed 1/2 of the grass area that i hunt...(I don't have a drivers license, so I'm limited to hunt where i can walk too)...Well anyway about 4:00pm I think i hear something in the cornfield, so i stand up to get a better view and then i hear CRACK! next thing i know I'm laying on the ground. Fortunately I landed on my feet, primarily my right, so I only suffered minor injuries. Doc report is a fractured foot.

Just want to encourage everyone that hasn't filled their tag yet this year to wear a safety harness whenever you are in a tree...after all a $150 harness is a lot cheaper then a hospital visit:way:
What kind of stand were you in? Hanging, ladder, climbing.. Etcz? I only trust ladder stands... Just my opinion anyway. Glad your o.k. And not hurt to bad
ladder stands can be bad to, i sat in one this year three times, the last one on the way down tha ladder sank in the mud and seperated from the platform. it should have been pinned but wasn't, i noticed it and got down safe but it could have been bad
That exact same thing happened to me this year as well. The stand was put up by a friend of mine and hadn't been used yet. I got up there to check the view. My 1st step down it separated on the right side and the second step it came all the way loose. Luckily I was able to reach the tree quick enough and pull the ladder towards it. Learned my lesson as well...
I prefer ladder stands also. I've been putting a chunk of plywood on the ground where the ladder sits and haven't had trouble with any sinking.
I was hunting out of a home made hang on stand, the support wires broke, it is the second year i have used this stand so i probably should have replaced them before putting it up this year.....
I sink pvc tubes in the ground for my ladder legs to sit in. Cut a foot or two and slam in with a sledge, you can then fill with quick crete if desired. These don't move. I cinch the platform with chains rather than tie downs also. Still should wear a harness though.
harness is the only way to go, I have kids, dont want to leave em cause I was lazy! glad your not hurt bad.
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