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What About This One?

Beauty isn’t it!!!!! Hunters across iowa just begging their legislatures for air bows!!!! Or not…. Again- brought to you by the manufacturers lobbying the legislatures.
If hunters didn’t stand up to them- they’d get this in archery season as well. This is all to sell products. This isn’t about the resource. This isn’t about opportunities. It’s to sell their products so they make $ - period.
Worst legislative session I’ve seen here EVER!
I see it as a niche market at best, due to the fact that it could only be used during a firearm season, and who in their right mind would pick this thing over even a muzzle loader? It would give guys enough of a reason to buy one though, I guess. New toy to add to the collection.

"The bill would allow these weapons to be used during any season that allows traditional firearms."
For now..... But, you know it will be added anywhere crossgun is allowed in the future. You have to look where they are going long term - not just this bill.
I hear what you're saying, but I don't see that happening. A crossbow is still a tensioned string that flings an arrow. This thing has no string. It's a gun that fires an arrow as a projectile. I totally understand the slippery slope though and think it's a stupid addition. I hate that flat walled rifles were added into our shotgun season.
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