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What are these?


Land of the Whitetail
Mink maybe?


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Tail looks otterish to me, but I agree either mink or otter. I'm not sure I have seen mink travel in groups this time of year either. Seem to be solitary creatures when I've seen them. Makes me lean toward otter.
Water wolves. Sweet pic. If ya got a pond take care of them before they take care of the fish
Ditto. ^^ It is increasingly difficult to maintain a nice fishing pond just about anywhere in SE Iowa with otters out there. They will kill fish just to amuse themselves.
There is a creek nearby through my ground. Its not deep though. It probably does have water year round, but its shallow. If there is any fish in it they would just be minnows. There are two ponds in the section and a couple others in the next section over, ones pretty big, probably 5+ acre pond. The big pond is nearly a mile away though. The closest small pond is probably 1/4+ mile away. I guess they probably do move around from pond to pond. No pond on my ground unfortunately.

pretty cool, new animal i can add to my list of trail cam pics from this fall. Have got a lot more than I thought I would.
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