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What is it?


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Ok, first glance told me raccoons, but I’m not seeing the rings on the tails. No idea what else it would be.

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FWIW, I have had clear pics of a mink at least two separate times WAY up in the woods, well away from any water. So while they are more commonly seen around creeks and ponds and so forth, it is possible to capture them on cam well away from the normal spots.

I think the one on the right is very likely a mink...the one on the right is less clear to me.
Is this a cell cam pic? Have you been out there to look? Call me crazy....one on the left is fresh dirt. Possibly the one on the right is whatever made the fresh dirt. Zoom way in, you just might agree with me.
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I was out there to pull the SD card and there were no dirt piles. Are ground hogs active at night? Thought they were daytime critters. I have a stand 40 yards up the fence and I did have a young groundhog go by last week while hunting. There is a pond close and I’ve seen mink in this area as well.

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Groundhogs, maybe. Especially the big one on the left. The top right one looks like a skunk to me though. Maybe just can't see the white, or it may not have very much / any white? Badger is another one that pops to mind. I don't really see mink, unless the top right one is a mink and the big left one is something else. Possible. Set up a couple of live traps and find out.
Looks like a mink, and another mink, both with backs arched at the moment the camera took the photo, and the one on the left is head turned looking over at the other.
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