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What the heck is this noise??

I am disappointed we have no houndsmen on here. :D It is two Beagles doing what they do...chasing rabbits. my guess is that that it kept moving in a circle behind you? Rabbits are like most other animals, they will always end up back where they started unless they hole up.

Thats exactly what it sounds like to me too.

Had rabbit beagles my whole life. Nothing more fun that a good rabbit hunt.
You guys want to have the time of your lives? Get hooked up with a small pack of beagles, some good friends, and fix yourself up some blunt/judo arrows and have some fun. It is a riot:drink2:
dogs chasing deer

my guess is dogs chasing deer if you listen you can hear one barking and other's hot on deer they can see in front of them
Sounds like my coyote hounds when they are on a hot trail. Speaking of that does anyone run coyotes out here with walkers or plott hounds?
Yeah, sounds like running hounds to me, one just has a high pitched mouth, coyotes tend to run in large circles around a section or 2 which explains why u heard it most of the night. We use to run hounds every weekend until gas prices got high. I really miss it.
They're not chasing a deer because a deer will take a b-line out of there and will go on a cross country chase. Unlike a coyote that will run in circles. (unless it's breeding time and u get after a male coyote that's a long ways from home)
without question dogs, turkeys come on,you can plainly here dogs yelping and barking.
Ive got same sounds that travel quite a distance from a home that has a pen with numerous beagles.
Coyotes. And what is a coyote a DOG. We were hunting last weekend my nephew and I and heard the same thing, first the bark then all that. Hope your fast when leaving the stand:D
Hawkeye WMA, Johnson Co

Ahaa...given that tidbit...I used to prowl around up there back in the day myself. There used to be a guy that ran a team of dogs down the gravel roads on a dogsled with wheels on it. Possibly he is still doing the same thing??

I do remember the dogs yipping and howling quite a bit, it was easy to hear that from like a 1/2 mile away at least.
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Sounds like a juevenile Sasquatch to me, i would contact the guys at the BFRO, (Bigfoot Field Research Org.) and get them out there ASAP to investigate.

Yep. Another vote for Sasquatch! Unless a chupacabra made its way north and went diurnal in all the chaos! :way:
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