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Where to rent a tree spade??


Looking for suggestions on where I can rent a tree spade for a skid steer in sw iowa. Or better yet someone that has one for hire as I would need to rent a skid steer as well. Wanting to make a wall of cedars along a fence line. I have plenty of 3 to 6 foot cedars on the property close by already just need them moved. I'm near council bluffs ia. Thanks

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Agree with above.
I know Des Moines has a few options - so - pry check dealerships & rental places within hour or 2 of u. Pry just need to “dig” into places that rent them. I’m not sure on this one but I know several places do rent them. Even if it’s Des Moines - maybe worth a trip?
Capitol City Rental will be your best bet. Make sure you rent a skid steer with 2 speed as most of your time spent will be travel between.
Des moines closest place i found to rent skidsteer and spade . Was about 600 for a day ! Hope this helps.

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Nichols Equipment in Des Monies will be your best bet. They're big customers of mine. Good people!
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