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WHY we see any legislation with crossbows in it…


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Picking some farm supplies up & saw this at Fleet Farm today….
Yes, that’s $2,600!!!!! (Getting close to $3k after tax).
I’ll repeat…. Hunters across iowa are not calling in to their legislatures for crossguns for archery season!!! This is not coming from the hunters here!!!! It’s coming from Ravin crossbows & their 2 paid lobbyists! A company out of NEW YORK that stands to make a few million bucks if they get our state to sell out. With no care for the resource, what happens to access, competition for archery permission, health of herd, etc. ONLY care about $ - period.
Check this out!!!! $2600…. U can have someone else site it in for u & use like a gun immediately. The margins on these are insane!!!!!!! I’m gonna take a wild GUESS & say ravin is into them for $500 or so. Fleet farm probably buys them for $1500 or so. 2 places make a grand each on these if I had to guess…. & I bet I’m not too far off. Which is replicated in business in all industries. This one just happens to be targeting a state to sell out at the detriment of their citizens & resource.

THIS FOLKS is why spending a couple hundred grand on lobbyists to make a few million is a worth while business investment for these New Yorkers….



Side note: the archery companies that don’t sell crossbows (they are biased, I’m aware) loosely state this sentiment…. “Archery guys trade in their equipment far more often & spend far greater amounts on all the gear that goes with their bows. Crossbows are a one-time huge margin item but the purchases later & upgrades down the road don’t happen. So it’s bad business for the industry & the shops that want repeat customers”. Something along those lines. Interesting to hear tid bits from the bow companies.
It's all about $, everything is. In my business, every time an item changes hands it's 40 percent in the pocket.

Archery is one of the largest money pits of the outdoor world. If you look back at what Native Americans &
Fred Bear accomplished with the "latest" technology - it makes me feel stupid for spending another dime on updated products. And archery equipment isn't worth a dime once you leave the cash register. All bow companies are aware of this. But we still keep buying/updating. It's our own fault.

We, as a country, feel 180 degrees different about firearms. Why are firearms different?
Depends on what your “thing” is. I spend $ on my archery gear. I get off on it. Some buy guns, other golf clubs, car parts, ski gear etc every time new stuff comes out.
For so many of us on this site,deer hunting is more than just a hobby. It’s a passion that we are involved in before the season starts and long after the season ends. I can speak for myself and say that my obsession with Bowhunting at such a young age taught me perseverance, structure, respect, and kept me focused on the correct path in my life. To this day I can relate all my lessons learned in life to comparisons in the world of deer hunting. The point I am trying to make is we are one of the states that is continuing to fight and win against the very powerful, and very affluent lobbyists of the crossbow manufacturers. They are close and they are not giving up and each year it is a harder fight. This site is great to air our feelings and beliefs, but going outside this forum is so much more important. I truly believe that we win because we are speaking up to the lawmakers. I continue to write letters opposing any bill that will allow crossbows throughout the year. I can’t stress enough how important it is to let your voice be heard to the lawmakers. This site has been great at providing contact information to the government officials that need to hear from us. If we slow down and get comfortable they will get in.
I understand your concerns about the legislation regarding crossbows and the impact it can have on hunting and the environment. It's frustrating to see companies like Ravin prioritizing profit over the well-being of the resources and citizens.
On a different note, have you ever measured your bow draw length? It's an essential step to ensure proper fit and accuracy when selecting a bow. You can easily measure it at home using a tape measure and some simple instructions. It's crucial to have the correct draw length to avoid injury and achieve the best performance. Also, check out this article on How to Measure Your Bow Draw Length. Regarding the crossbows, it's essential to stay informed about the proposed legislation and its potential impact.
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