Fox News Article on CWD

Discussion in 'Iowa Whitetail Conference' started by Elvis188, Feb 13, 2019.

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    Sounds like there could be a stretch of evidence there. However the occurrence rates seem extremely low.

    Thanks for the data and I will continue to educate myself
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    Updated article from Dr Kroll some of you may have read. his opinion on Dr. Bastian's research is not good. His opinion of killing off deer to slow CWD is also not favored at all & he claims it will not help- his opinions & information in here are pretty good.
    A few points that Really are hard hitting are contained below....

    In your estimation, where do we stand with CWD right now?

    DJK: We still do not even know by what mechanism prions are distorted and the exact causal factors or agents producing the disease. Agencies have locked themselves into a perpetual testing loop that has no impact on the spread or control of the disease. There is no mechanism developed to date that has been proven to control the spread of the disease. Research has been obsessively focused on “Frankenstein” experiments, in which infected material is injected into animals in a manner that does not occur in nature. The bottom line is that CWD appears to be spreading, but we cannot say that in true honesty, since testing is spreading; no one or agency has come up with a way to prevent the spread or eliminate the disease; and, massive killing of deer has no effect, since it is a frequency (not density) dependent disease. There are two basic questions that, if answered affirmatively, would cause genuine concern. First. does CWD have the potential to decimate deer populations? Second, can humans contract CWD? The answer to date is negative to both. Yes, there have been two studies in Wyoming that seem to show a population effect, but both are troubled by confounding factors such as high mortality to EHD, mountain lion predation, competition with elk, and habitat changes due to grazing practices. In regard to human susceptibility, there are several peer-reviewed, published papers showing this is highly unlikely. Some folks point to a study in Canada on macaque monkeys, but it was never published nor substantiated by duplicate science.”

    NAW: Anything else that you’d like to add?

    DJK: Yes, it has been asserted many times that CWD has the potential to destroy deer populations and deer hunting as we have known it! The sensationalist reaction by professional biologists and the media has managed to accomplish the latter! When CWD showed up in Wisconsin, three tabloids published articles saying that three men had died from eating venison tainted with CWD. That proved to not only be untrue, but patently false! That alone caused a 12 percent decline in deer hunters in Wisconsin, and they have never returned. It now is affecting deer hunting and harvest, with a decline of as much as 15 percent – all because of panic by agencies and biologists. If I wanted to destroy hunting in America, of which about 80 percent is deer hunting, I would convince hunters and the general public that one of the most healthy food items produced naturally in the deer woods was unwholesome and deadly! THAT would mean the end to deer hunting as we have known it; and it is my deep opinion that the whitetail deer will still be with us! And, the wholesale destruction of habitat caused by over-population would indeed lead to declines in deer numbers.
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    what, deer czar from Texas, that went to Wisconsin to solve their cwd tse prion problem...LOL, how's that working out for Texas and Wisconsin???


    Wisconsin CWD TSE Prion Explodes To 1,048 Positive 2018-2019 With Total 5,234 Confirmed To Date

    WEDNESDAY, MARCH 06, 2019 Wisconsin Continues to Ignore CWD TSE Prion, as the disease continues to mount, the Governor flounders, more wild deer positive

    TUESDAY, MARCH 05, 2019

    TAHC CWD TSE PRION AT 144 POSITIVE MINUTES OF THE 401st COMMISSION MEETING Texas Animal Health Commission August 7, 2018

    TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 2019



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