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Recent content by Hair&Scales

  1. Hair&Scales

    2022-23 Team Contest Sign Up

    14 Hair&Scales
  2. Hair&Scales

    Pickup hoist

    Had a hoist welded by a friend for me. Two inch thick slides into truck hitch reciever, boat winch on the top of it, so it can lock as reeling up. Its held up many deer. I use it to load them if by myself and to hose them out when I get home before they go into garage. Also works if you are...
  3. Hair&Scales

    Where does it stop?

    https://www.radioiowa.com/2022/05/24/bill-creates-new-deer-hunting-season-with-ar-15s/ A new bill to introduce the legal use of AR-15's during a special January antlerless season. Lessening of the fine for killing an antlerless deer without the proper tag requirements. This is where Iowa is...
  4. Hair&Scales

    New Turkey hunter- what to get?

    Flambeau Shady baby upright hen. Slate call, learn cluck, purr, and yelp. Find where the turkeys are roosting move within 150 yds in morning, dead turkey. Don't over call and go light on calling in morning. Cheapest setup but also deadly.
  5. Hair&Scales

    Nonresident land owners of Iowa

    I would argue the drawing every 2 to 3 years is already an option yet here we are with the squeaky wheel. Instead of a nonresident being picky they could opt to hunt a lesser desired region in iowa where the draw rate is higher and instead of waiting to draw a bow tag could opt for a gun tag...
  6. Hair&Scales

    And so it begins......again

    Seems simple enough to sell your property and move on with life if every topic of your conversations on this forum are being crabby about nonresident draws in Iowa. Based on your picture you are a stones throw away from two other nearby states, best of luck on your endeavors. True Iowa hunters...
  7. Hair&Scales

    SF 2142 Increases NR tags with a twist

    Yea encourage non residents to harvest more of our does that solves all of Iowa's management problems :rolleyes: Just give out more tags so residents get more of the shaft. How about with the extra income it goes straight into more public land for residents, I know i havent seen any new public...
  8. Hair&Scales

    Problems with dogs...any advice?

    DNR and all enforcement needs to figure out that there is no difference between someones dog running loose on private property and someone trespassing. The fines should be the same and the trespassing charge also needs the fine increased.
  9. Hair&Scales

    Hunting product ideas…. Random thought/business??….

    Ive had the same thoughts and many good ideas, my biggest struggle has been the initial cost to get into an idea or product, the trust factor of others, and getting a sold patent. Ive had ideas where its a great thought but I think it would be easier to patent it and then sell it to a large...
  10. Hair&Scales

    2021- the BIZARRE Year!!!!

    My opinion if it matters lol. . .one of the most unseasonably warm years during the rut I have seen, side note we were probably due for this as the past few years we have had amazing cold fronts in Oct. I saw more big deer on their feet the second to last weekend in Oct. this year than I did...
  11. Hair&Scales

    11/6 All day sit pays off

    Thats a toad congrats.
  12. Hair&Scales

    Coyotes and Bobcats

    Maybe they are just social distancing?
  13. Hair&Scales

    2021-22 Team Contest Sign Up

    1. Birddown101 2. buckhunter92 3. Hardwood11 4. Entropyfx 5. Chadw. 6. Hillrunner 7. Elvis188 8. Jbohn 9. IowaBowHunter1983 10. northcedar 11. Hair&Scales
  14. Hair&Scales

    “Hunting shows” - net positive or negative?

    Take it for what its worth I have much more respect for someone that can year after year kill a 140 plus inch deer on public land in any state over someone that can kill a 170 plus inch deer over a food plot on private land. Two totally different animals and circumstances which I m sure could...
  15. Hair&Scales

    Last night bird

    Congrats nice bird teammate.
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