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Recent content by Hawk32

  1. Hawk32

    Timber harvest ?

    I just met with Robert Watson about possibly doing mine. Seemed like a real nice guy. A buddy used him a few years ago and was real happy with him. 641-414-4410
  2. Hawk32

    Stan Onnex resistance shooting video

    If you are up for a road trip this is a great shoot. Multiple days. Can shoot multiple times in different classes. 40 target shoot but there will be around 100 targets set out. My kids love it. http://www.iowabowhunters.org/fallfestival.html
  3. Hawk32

    Stan Onnex resistance shooting video

    Congrats. Keep them rolling. Not enough kids showing up and shooting 3D.
  4. Hawk32

    Military... considering retiring in IA

    Agreed on the 1 buck rule. I think that would make a huge difference for Iowa. But I will also say it will be real interesting to see Indiana's numbers take a big decline in a year or two with riffles being legal. I'm betting the use of riffles and the increase in B&C deer go hand in hand and I...
  5. Hawk32


    What all those obnoxious windmills I'm staring at out my kitchen window aren't powering our homes???? lol
  6. Hawk32

    Flat tires!

    I punctured the sidewall on a brand new truck tire going through a cut bean field a few years ago. Never would have guessed bean stubble could do that.
  7. Hawk32

    Expensive shed find

    Yep that's a big ouch. Lucky you were able to repair it. I've heard tires are really hard to come by right now and way over priced. I did the same on the vertical till a few years ago. 2 nice big punctures.
  8. Hawk32

    Foodplot tractor

    I have a 35hp Deere with a loader. You can get a lot done with one that size. Would I like one a little bigger? Absolutely. I need a tractor for the acreage where I live though, driveway from hell and mowing, so I use mine a lot. There are times when my drive drifts in I feel like I'm digging...
  9. Hawk32

    Foodplot tractor

    If you don't have any other use for a tractor other than food plots I'd say you would be money ahead just renting what you need or asking a neighbor for help. Another thing to consider. You mentioned putting in clover. you will need to mow it a few times of year so you will need something for...
  10. Hawk32

    Turkey population…

    I'm sure this would really tick a lot of people off but I would love to see tags dropped from 2 tags to 1 tag per person.
  11. Hawk32

    Turkey population…

    There was a great podcast done by a biologist from Missouri I believe a few years ago that went into great detail on the declining turkey population across the county. I tried to find it and post it but I couldn't find it. They went into a lot of detail on predators and nesting issues. They went...
  12. Hawk32

    Form an LLC or not??

    Thanks for the info. Think at this point we are leaning towards not forming one if there are no substantial tax benefits. Maybe I'm wrong in saying this but it seems like most of the time when you see one its a multi owner partnership on the property.
  13. Hawk32

    Form an LLC or not??

    Is it beneficial to form an LLC on a recent land purchase or not. I'm getting varying opinions. I've got one guy who says its an absolute must and get a separate account and charge everything for farm to that account and another person saying its not necessary. I already have a separate account...
  14. Hawk32


    I would agree. Although I ticked one off during youth season and the louder I called the louder she got and she came right to us and brought 2 friends with. She only left with one so that was nice of her.
  15. Hawk32

    New Turkey hunter- what to get?

    By no means a turkey guru but here ya go. Get a couple Avion X hens and a Jake from Boyd and you will be set. I'll usually put out 1 or 2 hens and Jake with a bedded hen in front of him both facing blind. Hit and miss on Jake and bedded hen though. Not the cheapest by any means but not near...
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