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Recent content by Huntinguy

  1. Huntinguy

    Has iowa got BETTER or WORSE in last 10 years?

    It won't get any better either with these new weapon seasons. I'm sry the 450 and all the other new weapons need to go. Go back to old ways stop changing iowa regulations!
  2. Huntinguy

    Where are all the WORKERS?

    I call BS because everywhere you look there is help wanted signs. Businesses closing because of lack of help. It's all lies about that unemployment rate!
  3. Huntinguy

    Listing a farm for sale.

    Where's your ground?
  4. Huntinguy

    CRP Management

    Will remedy work on small cedars? It's not on the label but was wondering if anyone has tried or knows of another chemical that works?
  5. Huntinguy

    Hunters & Conservation….

    I have relation that farms and is democrat. You just can't fix stupid lol!
  6. Huntinguy

    Backpack Sprayers

    I've used solos a lot to for my business but I'll second field kings. Very nice sprayer n doesn't leak besides a little now n then when shaking it up
  7. Huntinguy

    Real wet here

    In nw iowa. Lot of farmers I know got majority or all corn in. Some even got some beans in too. We will take the rain bc we are stupid dry here.
  8. Huntinguy

    Tillable cash rent questions….

    I would look at iowa states rental rates. It has it broke down by county and then by poor, med, and high quality dirt. Good place to start in my opinion. I agree with others that said don't piss off your current farmer if he's taking care of the ground. Look up the average and talk about what...
  9. Huntinguy

    Leasing out Tillable

    3 to possibly 5 years for me. The hard part is trying to guess on rental rates for that far out. The ISU rental rates make it easy but depending on county they can be little flawed but always a good reference. I would also put in the lease contract no bailing of residue.
  10. Huntinguy

    Land prices / insane!!!

    See this kinda pisses me off. I mean I totally believe in a higher power and giving to the church and also the needy. On the other hand when churches buy ground like this or have billions of dollars in savings, makes me mad. They preach give give give but seeming more like they just take take...
  11. Huntinguy

    Growing something under an exclusion fence?

    I don't know with the uv light but I have redone landscaping before 20years afterwards and u can pull it as hard as you want. It's good stuff
  12. Huntinguy

    Growing something under an exclusion fence?

    I would try to get it on bare birt. The felt on the one side sticks to dirt really well. I would also say if u got a 3 ft fence go with 5ft so u got plenty of protection
  13. Huntinguy

    Growing something under an exclusion fence?

    I use the stuff, I would mow n spray first before laying it down. it can't still get up through the weave
  14. Huntinguy

    Remington accutip- 20 gauge 2 3/4 premier sabot slug

    I'll take them where are u located
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