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    Anyone seeing fewer turkeys?

    Great post. I think the common theme is everyone knows there are fewer turkeys, but no one has a clue as to why.
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    Anyone seeing fewer turkeys?

    Turkey populations are and have been declining all over, especially the Midwest and Southeast, for quite a while now (10 to 15 years). Many states in the Southeast have seen significant population declines and have adjusted their season timing and harvest limits accordingly. Missouri's...
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    Tick season is here

    The treatment wasn’t necessary. We could have not treated and monitored with blood work or symptoms. I chose to treat it, and the vet agreed. The tick was attached and full, so if it carried a disease my dog would have likely been infected. Treating it preventatively was low risk and cheap...
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    Tick season is here

    I run multiple bird dogs year round. Be careful with any of the topicals, especially if your dog goes into the water. Any tick prevention involves your dog ingesting or absorbing poison, so there could be side-effects from any of the flea/tick treatments. I use and have had the best luck with...
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    SF 427 An Act related to deer population management

    Below is the response I got from my the Brad Zaun in the senate (R-Urbandale): Thanks for the email. I support Senate File 464 for several reasons. This bill calls for a review of the deer population in an historical context going back to 1970. It also calls for environmental and economic...
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    HF 60 NR tag allocation for outfitters

    I spoke with my rep yesterday John Forbes (D-Urbandale). We spoke for maybe 10 minute and had a good conversation. Up front he said he's not a hunter and was really not educated on this bill at all or on it's potential impacts. He will not be supporting this bill.
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    HF 60 NR tag allocation for outfitters

    Both great points
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    HF 60 NR tag allocation for outfitters

    I sent emails to my rep and McClintock as well.
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    HF 60 NR tag allocation for outfitters

    Who should we be contacting on HF 60 now that it is out of subcommittee? Anyone other than our own individual legislators?
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    HSB 158 Crossbows in late archery season

    I attended that meeting too. The comments section was nuts. I do not fully understand rifle terminology so I was confused, but did they say centerfire AND straight wall cartridges .350 to .500? As in any rifle (centerfire and/or straight wall) that fires bullets within those parameters?
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    New Guy

    Great story! Thanks for sharing. I grew up in Wisconsin, spent a few years in MN, and have been in Iowa for 9 years now.
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    SC Iowa Residential Realtor

    Thanks for all the replies. I appreciate the thoughts. The idea of not working with a realtor at all is interesting and something I considered for a few days after it was initially posted and I researched it some. Ultimately I have decided to go with an agent for a couple reasons. The first...
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    New Hunters Guide

    I just recently found this podcast. Downloaded an episode but have yet to listen to it. Hope it works out well.
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    HF 60 NR tag allocation for outfitters

    Comments made and emails sent. They can't just leave it alone.
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    SC Iowa Residential Realtor

    Thanks for the replies so far. I appreciate it.
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