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Recent content by koba

  1. koba

    Trespasser - NW Monroe

    PROBABLY Amish !
  2. koba

    How many welcome Outfitters in Iowa???

    It is Really a mute point. You lease land to try to make money. Outfitters do it all the time !
  3. koba

    Best camera for the money?

    Cuddeback screwwed ME ! when they said I bent the compact flash card reader on a BRAND NEW camera !!
  4. koba

    How bout them CYCLONES!!!

    We know #56 Markus Zushevics
  5. koba

    Tired Of Broken Trail Cams.....

    I got burned with Cuddeback also ! Done with them !
  6. koba

    Mountain Liion Sighting....read the comments

    Lions, Tigers, and Bears ! Oh MY !
  7. koba

    The Future of Iowa Hunting - Rumors Flying

    IOWA loves the N.R. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ !! Give changes some time !!
  8. koba

    Best camera for the money?

    Not a cudde !!
  9. koba

    Non-Typical Deer Camera - RIP OFF!!

    for now hopefully!!
  10. koba

    Wyoming man shoots Bald Eagle

    He gets a FREE pass since he is Native American !
  11. koba

    Non-Typical Deer Camera - RIP OFF!!

    Shit i thought i was ripped off wow what a farce!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. koba

    A Survival Story - My Seasons Last Hunt.

    Wow the lord looked over you both!!
  13. koba

    Non-Typical Deer Camera - RIP OFF!!

    Thanks !! Technically i am owed a broken camera !! So yes STOLEN!!! HHHAAAAAA!!
  14. koba

    Non-Typical Deer Camera - RIP OFF!!

    Thanks for the advice !! Just dont like getting RIPPED OFF you know!
  15. koba

    Non-Typical Deer Camera - RIP OFF!!

    Folks i have had N.T.'s for about 10 years now. I was recently on my 3rd camera. It broke instantly when i purchased it. about a year later it broke again, I sent it in and they said i could upgrade for $100 for a NEW camera. They sent me a NEW CAPTURE. It NEVER worked ! I sent it back and...
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