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Recent content by longspurs

  1. longspurs

    South Central Iowa Mule Deer

    Here are some photos of a mule deer I saw near Mason City back in 2007. My dad ended up putting a stalk on him and missed it twice with his bow ... he and I were both heartbroken, but it was something I'll never forget. \ -Longspurs-
  2. longspurs

    Lab breeders? In the market for a pup this spring

    Check out Cave Inn Labradors near Ionia. They have a website. Good people & really nice dogs. -Longspurs-
  3. longspurs

    One for Dad - pics and story added

    Matt, I couldn't be happier for you!! That's one helluva buck! I got choked up just reading this, can't imagine my dad not being around although I know someday it's a reality we all will face. Cheers for keeping your dad's memory alive & for remembering the good times. -Longspurs-
  4. longspurs

    Skull cleaning

    I've used Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda (sodium carbonate) the last couple times I've boiled heads. Takes absolutely everything off the bone. No oily spots or gelatinous membrane left anywhere. Easy & cheap ... bought a box at Hy-Vee for next to nothing. A guy I know who does a lot of heads...
  5. longspurs

    The Fox

    Love it, Bill! Absolutely love it! I couldn't be happier for you! So much for picking up any more sheds off that old dog. :D That's ok though because I'm sure you'll more than make up for it north of the border next spring! Congrats again, buddy! -Longspurs-
  6. longspurs

    2014 Bow Buck

    That's a super sweet buck, Mike!! Love the mass ... AWESOME! Happy for you - congrats! -Longspurs-
  7. longspurs

    Tank - the 4 yr pursuit

    Couldn't be happier for you, Brent! What a story line with this guy ... that's how every hunter hopes the story ends! Congrats! -Longspurs-
  8. longspurs

    Great Morning

    I was out Saturday morning as well & had similar thoughts. I'm the same way in that each time I'm out I feel thankful for just that - to be out. Even heard a couple turkey gobbles ... I guess they approved of the morning as well. Best three months of the year ... September, October & November...
  9. longspurs

    Would you pass or shoot?

    This entire thread is ridiculous. I can't believe I actually read through it. -Longspurs-
  10. longspurs

    55's score?!

    Mid to upper 170s gross all day ... good luck with that one! Sweet deer! -Longspurs-
  11. longspurs

    Youth Season Redemption

    That's one heck of a harvest photo! Congrats!! -Longspurs-
  12. longspurs

    Wyatt Stikes again.

    Way to go, Wyatt! Congrats! -Longspurs-
  13. longspurs

    Corbens 2014 youth buck

    Very nice! Congrats, Corben!! -Longspurs-
  14. longspurs


    Good gravy!!! Congrats, man ... that's a STUD! Can't wait to hear the story and see some more pics! -Longspurs-
  15. longspurs

    Brother passes

    As the years go by a man becomes more and more thankful for his brother, if he's lucky enough to have one. I know I'm thankful every day for mine. I'm sorry for your loss, Perry. God bless. -Longspurs-
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