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Recent content by MarkF

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    Iowa House File 2410

    Jim Jensen
  2. M

    And so it begins......again

    The reason you bought land in Iowa was because of the reputation it has of producing giant bucks, if everybody that bought 10 acres was given a tag you wouldn’t want to hunt Iowa anymore. Buy 10 acres in Illinois or Missouri and you can hunt dinks as often as you want, problem solved.
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    And so it begins......again

    Iowa doesn’t say you can’t hunt your own land every year, just doesn’t allow you to get a buck tag every year. Plenty of other game you can hunt every year, like pretty much every other game species in Iowa, including whitetail does. If you only hunt to kill giant bucks then your probably...
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    HF 2410 formerly HSB610 NRLO tags

    Your missing my point, I wouldn’t waste my time hunting a farm that won’t produce the quality I’m looking for, I would spend my time finding what I’m looking for and then gaining access to hunt. Point is there’s still quality deer hunting in states like pa and Michigan. Only one of my nj bucks...
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    HF 2410 formerly HSB610 NRLO tags

    There’s someone hunting every 2 acre lot in suburban areas, tons of hunting pressure. Not sure how it’s a bad example anyway, my point is if your willing to do the work you can kill big deer in every state.
  6. M

    HF 2410 formerly HSB610 NRLO tags

    Quality in pa has definitely improved in recent years since point restrictions, especially in areas around Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Trophy quality deer are in every state, I live in New Jersey and have killed at least one buck between 150-175 every year for the last 15 years, friends have...
  7. M

    6 To 7% Timber

    Sounds like you guys have a lazy game warden or these guys are actually considered residents by Iowa standards. Game warden in my county caught 3 of my neighbors, one of them owned a ton of land, a house and even served jury duty in Iowa, still lost in court.
  8. M

    HF 2410 formerly HSB610 NRLO tags

    Problem with that is a new form of that bill would come up shortly after for say 40 acres and a 5 year wait, and then another with 20 acres and a 3 year wait until it finally becomes non resident landowners get a tag every year no matter what. I’m a nrlo that this bill would guarantee a tag...
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    SF 581 Returns from last year

    Looks like those calibers would be legal during the late antlerless season, don’t believe it would be for regular gun seasons. Either way if this passes it won’t be long before they are allowed during the regular gun seasons, I’m sure that’s their goal, chip away a little at a time.
  10. M

    Our own worst enemies

    Same in Iowa, most of the “highly managed neighborhoods” really just have a bunch of really nice young bucks and the truly old bucks are mostly turds. Very hard for a deer with big antlers to make it past 5 with food plots, shooting houses and cameras everywhere. Everybody wants to kill a 7 year...
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    Potential new World Record Non- Typical

    Deer went 30 yards and fell over dead, perfect shot placement if he was quartering away.
  12. M

    Now that necked cartridges are lawful (min .35 - max .5) what will everyone be hunting with this year?

    4th point isn’t a stretch at all, the more liberal the laws become the more land will be bought to insulate areas from it. All the farms around mine are owned by deer hunters and every farm that comes up for sale gets bought so to control the hunting. Really no need for rifles anyway, it’s hard...
  13. M

    What's possible this early?? Antler size?

    Had this buck on cam for a few years, this picture was right around 4th of July and he was always pretty much filled out by then. Crazy the difference of growth between bucks this time of year.
  14. M

    SC Iowa Residential Realtor

    And just for the record I’m not a realtor so it doesn’t really matter to me, those are just my opinions
  15. M

    SC Iowa Residential Realtor

    But if you contact the listing agent and they do all the paperwork and leg work for both sides than technically they are your realtor, if you contact the listing agent and you do all the leg work on your end and they receive all the commission than your just working for free for them. I look at...
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