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Recent content by meyeri

  1. meyeri

    Cruising Buck on November 20th

    Great buck! Sounds like you got yourself an awesome setup moving forward!
  2. meyeri

    Nov 13th is my day!!

    Wow, what a brute! I'd say you have yourself a killing tree!
  3. meyeri

    Winke bought a new Farm!

    Winke is a Savage. I know of very few guys dedicated enough to sleep in the woods overnight to get a buck. MW ain't the same without him.
  4. meyeri

    I fell... wear your harness

    Muddy, I forgot to mention earlier, but make sure you throw away your harness and rope that you fell in. Those fall stresses are unreal and the integrity of that stuff is now compromised. I'm sure you did already but just in case.
  5. meyeri

    Rut timing/warm weather hunts.

    I actually prefer the 7th-20th of November any year. Most the hardcore guys I know who usually tag out, have not, so that tells me everyone is experiencing a similar situation. Weather and winds have been poor for movement and hunting. I'd bet money that the bucks start hitting dirt this...
  6. meyeri

    2021 Bow Buck

    Nice work! Nice name too!
  7. meyeri

    Abnormal sides

    I've had several bucks over the years I've followed with abnormal sides, the first one threw a weird side all 3 years I knew of him, he did get bigger each year on both sides. The second straightened out somewhat, but still has a main beam that curves in tighter than his other side. I know of...
  8. meyeri

    Nephews 2021 Harvest.

    Nice buck, congrats to your nephew!
  9. meyeri

    Early lockdown?

    The two shooters I've seen were cruising. I saw a spike and a 100" 8 pointer locked down on does though. Lol
  10. meyeri

    Short Season-My Lifetime Buck

    Great job and great write up. I think we all can relate the the emotions and thought process before, during and after the shot. That's crazy how fast those coyotes demolished him.
  11. meyeri

    I fell... wear your harness

    Dang, glad you're ok. I try to replace my straps every couple years, but one year I forgot and my super old LW straps would slip slightly on my climbing sticks, allowing the strap to slowly slide. I started tying the strap in a knot after I attached it to the tree and this stopped it. I...
  12. meyeri

    2021 Archery Buck

    Great frame on him! Congrats!
  13. meyeri

    Big hooves

    I woulda never noticed the hooves. Lol. I vote EHD survivor too.
  14. meyeri

    Ground kill

    Congrats on a great buck! Cool when it all comes together when it shouldn't!
  15. meyeri

    Halloween Buck

    Wow, great buck! Congrats!
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