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Recent content by sep0667

  1. sep0667

    Where are all the WORKERS?

    Agreed. I'd recommend a hard look at the trades to any high school kid thinking about what to do when high school is over. I have several friends in the trades and they are making just as much and often times more than those with 4 year bachelors degrees..and they didnt have to go to college...
  2. sep0667

    Where are all the WORKERS?

    I work in that industry, in the office. That $ is best case scenario and not something to count on weekly. You can also forget anything about deer or any other hobby or activity if you become an otr driver. That truck is not just your job, its your home, its your life. Its 14-16 hours a day...
  3. sep0667

    Where are all the WORKERS?

    My work has gone the opposite this year. In my dept if you call in sick they take your vacation time from you, there is no sick time. Everyone has 2 week vacation years 1-4. Years 5-14 you get three weeks. 15+ years get 4 weeks. I have 10.5 years with the company and I have never called in...
  4. sep0667

    Public Land Access

    I've parked plenty of times road side along public and gone in and never had an issue, including a long a 4 lane highway many times. Not in Boone County though.
  5. sep0667

    TheMadCatter’s 2022 Adventure Thread

    If the ones in CO are anything like those it might be a real quick hunt!
  6. sep0667

    TheMadCatter’s 2022 Adventure Thread

    I saw that video where that one just walks right by you in the wide open like its tame. Is that normal with them?
  7. sep0667

    River access

    They are 100% legal as long as they are not touching creek bottom as they go through the private.
  8. sep0667

    Where are all the WORKERS?

    Baby boomers are beginning to pass and majority retire. Baby boomers are a huge population segment, with the following generations consisting of smaller families. Many boomers came from families of 4-8 kids, pretty rare to see families of that size anymore. Means fewer workers. I think covid...
  9. sep0667

    Human Scent

    I would think if the deer was directly downwind in that situation they are going to pickup your scent if they are within a couple hundred yards. Maybe beyond 300 or 400 you may be okay. In the timber maybe a little less.
  10. sep0667

    Has iowa got BETTER or WORSE in last 10 years?

    Agree. And there are more people, cars on the road, in the state now than 20 years ago too. I've never really been a strong believer in that fewer does makes bigger bucks. IMO the more deer there are, the more odds of bigger bucks being around.
  11. sep0667

    Has iowa got BETTER or WORSE in last 10 years?

    You could go a lot of different directions with this. I'm sure there are more foodplots and people managing for deer and the herd now than ever before, that is good. IMO the central and northern parts of the state have less habitat than 20 years ago, not that they had a lot, but many many...
  12. sep0667

    Has iowa got BETTER or WORSE in last 10 years?

    Its all on the DNR website. https://www.iowadnr.gov/Portals/idnr/uploads/Hunting/trends/logbook_2020.pdf You can also find individual county harvest. I really enjoy looking these over and use to chart some of it myself just for fun.
  13. sep0667

    Where does it stop?

    I would imagine most of these areas/stretches of road etc where there are extremely high populations coincide with large private landowners and/or neighborhoods of landowners that hunt, but limit access. The areas/acres are likely pretty large and it doesnt matter what the state does, those...
  14. sep0667

    Where does it stop?

    Im getting sick of Roozenboom. He is just hell-bent on attacking the deer. Move on buddy
  15. sep0667

    Foodplot tractor

    For sure, and I will be looking into renting something this summer. I'd love to own something myself though eventually, just seems like a lot of fun and a toy!!
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