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Recent content by seven twenty

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    Let us know what the lobbyist has to say. I can’t think that coonhounds would be special.
  2. S

    Wanted to buy

    You could probably get a new one for the cost of used rt now. Hatfield, Daly, etc run around $300 give or take.
  3. S

    21-22 Pheasant Season

    That’s a lot of birds.What part of the state were you hunting? If you had 21 in your group, how many did the other group get? Or was that total for both?
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    Terrific Two’s! & some three’s u like to see!

    I’m guessing 2.5, am I off a year?
  5. S

    Anyone seeing fewer turkeys?

    Hadn’t seen any on or near my property in over a year. Kind of assumed bobcats or maybe a disease had depleted the population. Woke up this morning with 21 of them in the yard. Might have to consider a fall hunt
  6. S

    Conversation mail hacked!

    Not fixed as of 9:55 last night, might be now tho, danin034 was the sender
  7. S


    Interested if we can figure out a time & place. Msg sent
  8. S

    2017 H&H 6610

    Where are you located? I’ll pm you
  9. S

    SF464 and HF60

    Let’s throw this out there also. A group of nr’s get together and purchase a decent chunk of ground. They then form a guide service. Now they are guaranteed tags every year without paying for a guide. The company is just a shell to guarantee tags for them and their friends. Are these “guide...
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    HF 290 Casting of dogs

    Until they write something concerning having control of the dogs, it will be an ongoing issue. The argument used now is that you can’t stop them from crossing a line in the middle of the section. The penalty will have to be a major deterrent and enforceable.
  11. S

    HR 127

    If you haven’t read it, here you go. It even includes provisions for the display of “antique” firearms. And talk about excessive fines, its ridiculous. Rephrase that, the provisions are TBE. https://www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/house-bill/127/text
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    Gun Vault

    Your stack on should have come with a key if it’s electronic, I have 2 and they both did
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    Since shipping isn’t feasible, let me know if you go to Des Moines. I’m a couple hrs out myself.
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    If nobody jumps on this or you are coming south for any reason, let me know. I can get to Des Moines if needed.
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